About the Tama Promotion Project

Tama Promotion Project

Tama’s many attractions—the more you know, the better it gets

Part of Tokyo, the Tama area offers a rich combination of abundant nature and the convenience of urban life. The Tama Promotion Project was launched by 30 municipalities marking 120 years since the area was integrated into Tokyo. The project is called “Tama Hatsu!”—“Discover Tama.” The “ta” in Tama means “many” which neatly encapsulates the diverse attractions this lush green area offers in terms of tourism, cuisine, industry, tradition, history, and culture, and commercial and shopping facilities. The project aims to make people want to visit, to live, to raise families, and to work in Tama. In helping people rediscover Tama, the Tama Promotion Project will shape Tama’s future.