About the Tama area

The Tama area is just a short hour by train from central Tokyo’s Shinjuku, Ginza, Asakusa, and Akihabara districts. It offers all the conveniences of urban life along with a rich natural environment, making it a very desirable place to live.

It also has many tourist attractions such as places used as settings for various anime and manga, hot springs, and sake breweries.

The abundant nature of the Tama area is a big attraction, and includes the mountains, lakes and valleys of Okutama in the northwest, and the pristine Tama River. The area’s popular Mount Takao was awarded three Michelin stars in 2007.

  • English Movie“Why Tama?”(30sec.)

    English Movie“Why Tama?”(30sec.)
  • English Movie(60sec.)

    English Movie(60sec.)

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